Ever Wonder What a Great Shave Feels Like?

Stop treating shaving as a chore.  Make shaving an experience that leaves your face feeling fresh and smooth.  After all, most men will shave roughly 17,000 times within their lifetime.  That’s a lot of shaving for one person.  Many men rush through their shave and use cheap tools that many times results in dry skin, razor burn, ingrown hairs and an overall discomfort. 

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If you are interested in getting a
proper’ shave which is vastly different in its results, then read on and follow these simple steps.

First, the whiskers, or hairs, need to be moistened and soft.  The best way to prepare is to shave after a warm shower when the skin and pores have had time to open.  If you are not shaving after a shower, be sure to hold a washcloth to your face soaked in hot water.  This will prepare this skin for the shave.

Second, rub a little pre-shave oil on the skin.  The pores are open and the oil helps soften the hairs a bit more as well as helps the razor slide smoother on the skin than normal.  Do NOT use foam or gel as they are filled with propellants and other ingredients damaging to the skin which are then absorbed into the body.  Use our Shaving Mud, or any natural shaving cream.

Third, use a badger hair shaving brush to apply the shaving mud as it works the skin and acts as a gentle exfoliant.  The brush pushes the mud around the hairs allowing them to stand up which makes for easier and smoother removal by the razor.  Be sure to run very warm water over the brush before applying the mud.  This makes for a warm lather and another assist for opening pores and smooth hair removal.  One extra tip… Always shave with the grain.

Fourth, give yourself a nice cold rinse after shaving to close the pores.

Fifth, moisturize.  It’s not just of girls and the process is simple and quick.  Apply our after-shave oil that absorbs and just leaves you with soft cheeks.

Now, don’t let the number of steps leave you feeling overwhelmed.  You are probably already doing three of these five.  Try it for a week and see how it feels.  I guarantee it will only take the first time for you to notice the difference.  Not only will your skin feel like never before and your shave be smooth but you will be putting natural products on your face.  No more hazardous chemicals within your foams.

Let us know how it goes.


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