How to Feel Good About Stripping Down & Going Natural

Taking the leap to clean out your shower, drawers and shelves of products with unhealthy and unnatural ingredients isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Why continue to rub chemicals and toxins in your hair and on your skin?  Everything put ON your skin is absorbed into your body just as what you put IN your body is absorbed.

Now, I’ve always been health conscious.  I’ve always watched my nutrition, worked out, been active, and generally live an active and healthy lifestyle.  I found it interesting when I mentioned that I was stripping down my bathroom of all products with chemicals to replace them with ones that I made or purchased with only natural ingredients.  Some people loved the idea and said they were going to do it too and some reacted like I was crazy.  People get comfortable with their choices even when they aren’t educated ones and just ones of convenience.  It’s easy to just grab what’s on the shelf at the store based on the scent or what the advertising tells us.  But when is the last time you actually read the ingredients of your skin cream, deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc?

I started making my own products because I love making things and being healthy.  The products I make and now use on my hair, face and skin are all made with natural ingredients.  It’s similar to when you leave the city for a vacation in a small mountain town and the air is lighter, cleaner and fresher.  It just feels good.


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